Friday, February 13, 2015

A Skilled Mission Viejo Dentist Can Restore Your Smile to Perfection

People respond positively to perfect smiles. A great smile can put people at ease and open doors of opportunities for you. However, you can’t always control what happens to your teeth, even with daily brushing and flossing; teeth can be damaged by accidents or even grow out crooked. An experienced Mission Viejo dentist like Dr. Elham Khajavi has several ways to resolve the problem of damaged or imperfect teeth. If the reason why your smile is tentative and timid is because your teeth are stained or discolored, dentists have almost surefire solutions for that. Fortunately, teeth whitening technology has advanced enough to be able to restore teeth effectively to pearly whiteness. The process involves using a bleaching solution and a set of dental trays to apply the whitening solution to your teeth.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Ladera Ranch Pediatric Dentist Will Teach your Child Proper Oral Care

Children like to eat sweet treats; after all, it’s easy to understand the appeal of candies and chocolates. However, as any parent would know this can cause dental problems for children, specifically tooth decay, mostly because of neglect. Even if you have significantly cut back on their sweets, tooth decay will inevitably set in when you, as a parent, rarely abide by the regular schedule of visits to a specialist in Ladera Ranch dentistry for children. An experienced Ladera Ranch pediatric dentist like Dr. Elham Khajavi, DDS will start off your consultation with recommendations on how to protect your children’s teeth and how to help them maintain their own proper oral care at home. The main cause for tooth decay in children is the initial lack of awareness of parents themselves over healthy and proper diet and oral hygiene.