Sunday, January 11, 2015

Tobacco’s Effects on Teeth: A Real Concern for a Mission Viejo Dentist

A seasoned Mission Viejo dentist such as Dr. Elham Khajavi is now concerned more than ever regarding teeth restoration and pulling out teeth and replacing them with implants or dentures due to decay. Nowadays, dentists have to do more than advise patients against tobacco usage. They can also provide smoking cessation readings and programs to raise a sense of urgency regarding tobacco use and its effects, not just on a patient’s oral health but also on one’s general wellbeing. Some of the other possible effects of tobacco include tooth discoloration, bad breath, inflammation of the roof of the mouth, restricted blood flow to gum tissue, gum recession, and oral lesions. While some of these problems can be alleviated by cosmetic solutions, others—such as those related to gum health—require more intensive treatment. This is why it is important to prevent these problems as early as possible.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

How the Artistry in Ladera Ranch Dentistry Evolves with Technology

Recently, there have been concerns that dental technology has gained importance at the expense of the artistic. Doctors and patients everywhere, including Ladera Ranch dentistry practitioners, do not deny the usefulness of new machined dentistry materials, but many of them want these to be used in conjunction with traditional materials. The generation of dental technologists that is slowly phasing out of the industry has spent their lives creating and developing functional and artistic values in their full-cast alloy restorations, felspathic ceramics, and other materials.