Thursday, December 11, 2014

Safeguarding Your Child’s Dental Health with a Mission Viejo Dentist

ADA president Dr. Maxine Feinberg sees this as proof that more children are getting the dental treatment they need, thanks to increased access to dental care from the likes of the Medicaid program. Consequently, this has helped keep dental caries at bay in many developing children and so ensured they have the highest level of oral health. Such news is encouraging for families living in California, where more than half of all children in the state have suffered dental problems by the time they reach kindergarten. 28% of them have not had treatment for these problems, and this has resulted in around 874,000 days of school missed annually. If you want to keep your child from joining such statistics, you can entrust their dental health to a professional Mission Viejo dentist like Dr. Elham Khajavi, DDS.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Ladera Ranch Pediatric Dentist Helps Kids Win the Battle Over Cavities

Can parents in Ladera Ranch ever keep their kids away from candy? The yearly influx of Halloween candy is barely over and now you have to contend with new sweet treats just in time for the holidays, as writer Laura Northup reports. Several candy manufacturers are applying a holiday twist to their products, making them available in red, white, and green colors. Some are transforming their products into holiday flavors like peppermint while some are making them in the shape of holiday staples like reindeer.