Saturday, August 2, 2014

A Reliable Mission Viejo Dentist Protects Patients from Health Risks

Some of the socially acceptable practices today that are also perceived as safe may actually be placing a large number of the general population in some form of oral health risk. A reliable Mission Viejo dentist such as Dr. Elham Khajavi DDS can help in identifying these potential risks and make the necessary recommendations to prevent them from becoming an imminent danger. A competent dentist in Mission Viejo can do this through regular comprehensive checkups, which will determine whether a patient is doing something or carrying an object with them that can cause oral care problems. Dentists will also ask essential questions regarding a patient’s lifestyle to carefully evaluate the status of their health, as well as perform thorough evaluations of teeth, gums, and the head-neck area. Not only will these steps give dental professionals a clear picture of one’s health, the examinations can also reveal medical issues that patients might have missed or ignored.